Kraken TV for Smart TV

Like users of android gadgets and smart phones, Smart TV owners can also enjoy the famous Kraken TV. There is no particular version of this app is available for Smart TV. So certain tricks can make that happen as you cannot normally download and install this android friendly app to your smart TV. You can download Kraken TV for pc also.

  • Specifically there are two ways of watching Kraken TV on your Smart TV. You can get android TV box and connect it with the television set. Now you need to connect the phone with the android box and open the Kraken TV app from there. You will be able to find it running on the smart TV now.
  • Also you can watch the Kraken TV on smart TV with the help of chromecast.
  • There is not straight version of this app available for smart TV. So you can reproduce and transmit the content of this app to the Smart TV set. This is to some extent complicated process, but the fans of Kraken TV have to adjust until something more user-friendly comes up.
  • The bigger screen of smart TV will enable better viewing experience.
  • While you will be enjoying the benefits of Kraken TV on smart TV, you can watch all the channels and all the content like usual and so the experience will not be a bad one.